The Writer Who Wears Her Teddy Coat Over PJs

Mikayla's a writer and filmmaker who's currently working on a TV show, so as you can imagine, her "day-to-day is go-go-go," she says. "I need to dress for that occasion, while still looking stylish, of course. This means that 90% of the time, I will pick Adidas over heels and jeans or joggers over just about anything else."

That doesn't mean she doesn't want to look *nice* though. "At the end of the day, I am attracted to very sophisticated pieces. If you're a sleek, ribbed dress or a tailored, camel coat, I will definitely wear you." Here's who—errr, what—she's wearing right now.

BDG High-Waisted Mom Jean in Washed Black

"I have honestly been looking for these jeans for all of my life and the other day in Urban Outfitters, the universe finally handed them to me. The fit on these bad-boys is absolutely perfect for me; they pull my waist in at the right places and fall down my legs in the most idyllic, straight-leg silhouette. I seriously can wear them from work to the bar. At work, I will tuck a v-neck sweater into them and pair with a flowing cardigan and western belt, while to the bar, I will swap the v-neck out for a crop top and throw on my favorite kitten heels."

BUY: $59 at Urban Outfitters

FYI: "I have pretty big hips, so sometimes it's difficult to find straight-leg jeans that fit with some extra give, but by golly, these jeans fit me perfectly." 

Adidas Originals Continental 80 Shoes "I really don't think I need to explain myself in regards to why I am OBSESSED with these shoes. To me, these shoes epitomize 'cool' and, even better, can be paired with absolutely anything and everything! Some of my favorite ways to wear them have been with mom jeans and socks rolled up or with a bodycon dress and a flannel tied around my waist."

BUY: $80 at Adidas

Lulus Middleton Forest Green Long Cardigan Sweater

"It gets cold in the fall where I live, so being able to wrap myself in this extra-long cardigan whether at work or at home has been an absolutely GODSEND. It always makes an outfit look professional while keeping me comfortable at the same time. I will throw this over just about anything, but typically outfits that have more shape to them as this is a very loose sweater that I don't want to totally be lost in."

BUY: $40 at Lulus

FYI: I actually went a size up on this and it was a good move.

Pocket Side Solid Teddy Outerwear

"I've had my teddy bear coat for about four years now, and I plan on having it for an eternity more. I am so serious when I say that it only takes this coat to look like you're trying. I will throw this over joggers to lounge around the house in, or a bedtime graphic tee (don't judge) when I am grabbing something from the grocery store, and I feel comparable to a movie star braving the public."

BUY: $33 at Shein

Larabar Chocolate Chip Brownie Fruit & Nut Bar

"So, I have an Lara bars. Specifically to the flavor Chocolate Chip Brownie. I have a ~killer~ sweet tooth, but I also feel like trash when I eat too much of it, so the earthbound nature of these candy-like bars has definitely saved me from impending health problems. I will happily eat these at any time of day and highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for a sweet, but nutritious snack!"

BUY: $7 at Target


"Two words: Travis Scott. I have always loved Travis, but we've been going extra-strong lately. He never fails to make music that gets you totally lost in its sick beat and remember just how bumpin' life can be. My current faves of his are 'Butterfly Effect,' 'Neighbors,' and 'Highest in the Room' (his new single, yay!)."

BUY: $10 at Amazon

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