The Thrift Store-Loving Teen Who's All About Chunky Sneakers

“You’re only a teen once, why not?” That's the style philosophy of Georgia Freyer, a 15-year-old from Virginia. This motto, she says, "leads to a wardrobe full of weird thrifted finds." When she's not scouring vintage stores, you can find her crying at indie movies, attempting to sew, spending "hours scrolling through Pinterest looking for the *perfect* album cover for her Spotify playlists,"—and no matter what she's doing, she'll probably be wearing her beloved Filas. Here's what else she's into right now.

BDG High Rise Mom Jeans

"I’m a firm believer that the most important thing a girl can own in a comfortable pair of jeans. These jeans have been through everything with me—breakups, first dates, a new job, friend fights, and everything in between. Any pair of BDG jeans is guaranteed to be comfortable but these are my absolute favorite because they go with everything. You can dress them up with a blouse (perfect for first dates) or down with a t-shirt (perfect for second dates). I love a good pair of sweats as much as the next girl but these jeans are so comfortable I don’t mind wearing them as I move from school to work and then home. I'll even sit down for a binge watch with these on. I would recommend these for anyone that needs a good staple piece that will last forever."

BUY: $59 at Urban Outfitters

Fila Disruptor Two Sneakers

"Chunky shoes are having a *moment* right now on Instagram and I am loving it. I bought these Filas during back to school shopping and I’ve worn them pretty much every day since. I’ve even worn them on a vacation to New York City where I did a huge amount of walking. Despite my friends making fun of their clunkiness, they are my go to’s because they are so comfortable—that’s a theme in my closet—and I can style them with a fancier dress to pair it down, or as a statement piece to lift up an everyday outfit."

BUY: $65 at DSW

Wild Fable Oversized Hair Clips

"A friend got me these as a gift awhile back, introducing me to the beauty of the oversized hair clip trend. Now my Amazon cart is filled with them because I truly feel that they can go with any outfit. They also have the added bonus of keeping my hair out of my face while I'm working on projects, which is a big plus. These clips are a good starter because they're in pretty basic colors that will go with almost anything."

BUY: $6 at Target

Milk Lip and Cheek Stick

"I have to admit, I’m a little bit addicted to blush. I have three different blushes in my makeup collection, which is probably two too many for someone who hardly wears makeup. I just love how it adds a much-needed pop of color to my face. My Milk Lip and Cheek Stick is probably the favorite of my blushes. It’s easy to use, it stays on all day, and best of all, it can be used not just for blush but also for lips or eyes. Admittedly cream blush is not everyone's cup of tea (my mom refuses to wear it!). For me, though, it’s perfect for on-the-go, just a swipe on each cheek and a pat to rub it in and you’re set. Perfect for those mornings when you wake up 30 minutes after your alarm went off and your rushing to get out of the house. I wear this in the shade 'Swish,' a really bright pink, but if you’re looking for something more toned down I would recommend 'Werk.'"

BUY: $28 at Milk

Target Mini Backpack

"Mini backpacks were like *a thing* a few years ago and even though I don’t see them as much anymore on the street, I still really love them. It’s an easy way to carry around everything you need for going out; bigger than a pocket, more casual than a purse, smaller than a tote bag. To me, it’s a staple piece. I love this Target one because it’s relatively cheap, relatively simple, and holds everything. I keep mine stocked with my keys, wallet, portable charger, aforementioned Milk Cheek and Lip Stick, and any food I have lying around."

BUY: $20 at Target

Key Lime Lacroix 8 Pack

"I know a lot of people disagree, but I am of the sole opinion that seltzer rocks. While my seltzer-hating friends mock the Lacroix for its minimal flavoring, silly name, and carbonation, I do not know if I could survive seltzerless, forced to drink only boring, nonflavored water (shudder). I drink probably, on average, 4 seltzers a day. Any flavor—coconut, grapefruit, you name it. But the best Lacroix of all is key lime Lacroix. I don’t know how to explain it; there's something about the sharp tang of flavoring that's absent in other flavors, or maybe it's the pretty green packaging I love. Every time we run out of key lime, my heart sinks. Best of all, it’s sold at basically any grocery store, or at least at any grocery store that I go to. So what are you waiting for? Go out and buy a six-pack and be enlightened by the best flavor ever invented."

BUY: $15 at Amazon

Follow Georgia at @georgia.freyer.

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