The Thrift-Addicted Aussie Who's Inspired By Lana Del Rey

Hannah Domaschenz, a 16-year-old from a rural town outside of Melbourne, calls her style "a love child between boho, grunge, and prep." That translates to plaid skirts that could pass for a school uniform, crochet halters that her mom does *not* approve of, and Doc Martens with everything. "I fill in my time with making art, writing, watching films, listening to music, and hanging out," she says. Oh, and lots of secondhand shopping—she describes her wardrobe as a mishmash that's almost entirely thrifted or handed down. Here's what she's into right now.

Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette

"If you want the ‘I’ve been sick for months’ grunge look, this is for you. But you can use it for anything. The bright shades are perfect for going out, and dark shades transition well into the evening. If you’re feeling adventurous, greens and plums are there to play with. It applies amazingly and most importantly, it smells divine."

BUY: $49 at TooFaced

Doc Marten 1460 Original Boots

"If I’m not at school or work, I literally am only wearing these. I do not care if I’m in the midst of an Australian heatwave. They make anything look tough and are so comfy. I can walk around cities all day and not feel a thing in these bad boys. Classic black complements anything. I love the contrast with these between a skirt or a dress and the heavy boot." 

BUY: $140 at Dr. Martens

Lovisa Hoop Earrings

"These are like my magic charm for confidence. I wear these and I can achieve anything. I change the sizes up depending on my mood. If they’re the size of your wrist, you’ve caught me on a good day. If they’re school dress code small, tread with caution."

BUY: $18 at Lovisa

Crochet Halter Top

"The most fuss-free clothing item I own (except for my poor mother having a fit watching me go out in it). Paired with jeans, it’s a perfect casual but feminine look. If you go for a skirt, you look like a princess. It slips on and off so easily, making it perfect for beach days. The ties mean this fits pretty much anyone."

BUY: $25 at Etsy

BP Tartan Print Mini Skirt

"Another versatile piece. Depending on what I need, it plays perfectly as punk, preppy, or even vintage. It goes amazing with a black bodysuit and Doc’s for some edge, but a turtleneck and you’re ready for business."

BUY: $45 at Nordstrom

BP Heart Sunglasses

"Maybe I started listening to Lana Del Rey too young. My first pair of glasses were so green they hid any identifying aspect of my face. I’m past that now. My current pair is light brown. They add a feminine, vintage touch to any outfit. Penny Lane who?"

BUY: $19 at Nordstrom

Follow Hannah at @bionicyouth.

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