The Style Shapeshifter Who Lives in High Tops

"I’m like an actress but with fashion," explains Vivian Chambers, a 17-year-old from Texas. "My style changes with which movie or show I’ve just watched, or which woman in history I’m currently obsessing over. I’ve had a simplistic Jane Birkin phase, a laidback California girl phase, an over-the-top expressive Carrie Bradshaw phase." The latter isn't exactly a surprise; like Carrie, Vivian's a writer. When she's not dressing up, she's balancing school and her job as the Editor-in-Chief of Uniquely Aligned, an online magazine created by teens for teens."I shapeshift into different characters and my clothes are the superpowers with which I can do so," she says. Ahead, the products giving her superpowers at the moment.

Golden Goose White Slide Sneakers

"These shoes are my go-to. First of all, I know they’re a splurge. But I wear them nearly every day, and they never get old. The best part about Golden Goose shoes is that they come scuffed up and broken in, so you never really have to worry about getting them dirty or ruining them. Here’s my guide to Golden Goose: I recommend going for the high tops or “slide sneakers”. I think they are much more comfortable than the low tops, but honestly, they’re all so cute, you can’t really go wrong. Wear them with anything from a t-shirt to a cute minidress. 100% worth the splurge."

BUY: $430 at Golden Goose

Topshop Mid Blue Crop Jeans

"I’ve worn this specific pair of jeans for probably over a year now, and I absolutely love them. Fair warning: they have no stretch, and it can be hard to get them on because they are so high waisted. But they fit so cute and have the perfect amount of crop and flare. Wear them with a colorful cropped t-shirt and sneakers, or wear them with heels and a silky tank top for a night out! These follow me everywhere."

BUY: $68 at Topshop

FYI: The particular wash Vivian owns is on sale and almost sold out, but they come in loads of other colors.

Glossier You

"THIS FRAGRANCE! The first day I wore it to dinner, I got three compliments and I knew it was the one. It’s the perfect everyday scent, and now I can’t go without it. I wear it every day to school and every night out, too. It will mix with your natural scent to create your new signature smell, and I promise you—you will get compliments."

BUY: $60 at Glossier

Pop and Suki Box Bag with Luggage Tag

"I’m sure you’ve all heard of these, but they are so worth the buy. They’re the perfect size for your phone, wallet, and a lipgloss. The personalization on the bottom makes it 10x more fun. I take this with me if I’m out shopping around in the city and when I’m heading for a night out with my friends—it’s a staple!"

BUY: $120 at Pop and Suki

Dôen Leda Dress

"This is not the exact dress I have—I bought one similar many years ago. But I think a baby-doll mini dress is a must have for anyone. You can wear this any time of year—wear it with sandals in the summer or boots and a coat in the winter. It’s adorable, stylish, and easy to throw on, no matter the occasion. A go-to dress is so important, especially when you’re ridiculously indecisive like me. Just put it on and you’re guaranteed a cute outfit."

BUY: $228 at Dôen

Follow Vivian at @vivianleechambers.

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