The Self-Described Sale Rack Baby Who Swears By Lip Smackers

Alyson Zetta Williams is a writer and sticker-slapper at beauty app SuperGreat. She lives in NYC, where she reads Annie Dillard, watches John Waters, and wears cowboy boots to the club. Having grown up a sale rack baby but now living in a tiny city apartment, she invests in quality over quantity.

Lululemon Wunder Under Super High Rise Tight

"Sorry everyone, had to do it. I've had the same pair of these black workout leggings for three years—longer than most of my friendships. More forgiving than most friendships, too: apparently, I'd been drying them wrong for most of our long relationship (air dry, people!) and they've held it together. On a Good Leggings Day, they make me feel like I don't even have legs, which is particularly enjoyable to my dysmorphic mind."

BUY: $98 at Lululemon

Frasier Sterling Saint Tropez Huggies

"As part of my quality-over-quantity, Be An Adult initiative, I have begun to buy jewelry for myself. Two of my least favorite things are money stress and feeling like a Christmas Tree, neither of which Frasier Sterling induces. The affordable jewelry shop, which I found on good ol' Instagram, always has a major sale on their simple-yet-cute assortment of rings, earrings, necklaces, and more. These huggies have not left my earholes since I received them two weeks ago."

BUY: $35 at Frasier Sterling

Matisse Vegan Cavalier Boot

"I wear these guys as much as I possibly can. They're my way of bringing the west, east. These boots were made for walking (blocks and blocks and blocks), day or night. The western detail is subtle but just enough to bring a cowboy element to a look, while the chelsea boot-reminiscent piping on the sides keeps you safely New York-sophisticated."

BUY: $90 at Free People

Watermelon Lip Smacker

"I will never not plug the Watermelon Lip Smacker. I try to bring this joy and light in a green tube to everyone, at every opportunity—gifts, pick-me-ups, etc etc. After the Bonne Bell Apocalypse in 2015, I keep a whole box above my desk. Just in case, ya know? The formula is perfection: glossy, smoothing, and with a watermelon scent that kicks the ass of every other watermelon scent. Fight me."

BUY: $2 at Target

Sakura Sumo Grip Mechanical Pencil

"It's the butter of pencils! As someone who writes/draws everyday, what I'm writing and drawing with is kinda important. The fat grip makes strokes easy and writing fun (!!!). As an added bonus, the image of an actual sumo wrestler in the back of your mind will keep you company throughout the experience."

BUY: $5 at Amazon

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