The Introverted Artist Who Likes To Be Alone in Her Champion Hoodie

Saraí is a 23-year-old artist, poet, blogger, and nanny who likes to "read, write, and conduct research about the indigenous cultures of our Earth." She has an appropriately inspired—not to mention versatile—MO when it comes to her wardrobe. "I approach my outfits like a painting. Instead of seeking to match, I seek to find a color palette that is appealing to my eye. I try to keep my minimalist values in mind while I purchase clothing. I look for pieces that might complement what I already have. Before I buy new clothes, I ask myself if I can visualize wearing each piece in the future." Here are the things she's deemed worthy.

Adidas Tiro 19 Training Pants

"I've had these track pants for about five years and they've hardly worn or stretched out. I bought the men's style; since I'm 5'1", they fit high-waisted on me. With these pants, I usually wear a t-shirt or a fitted crop top. Sometimes, I try to be creative about what I pair with them. Basically, the only thing I wouldn't wear with these track pants would be something extremely unconventional, like a blouse or a blazer. I've also lost about 40 pounds since I bought them—they were slimming back then and they still are! Lastly, they are slim around the ankle and they zip-up. Here in the Midwest, that function helps in the winter when boots are a thing." 

BUY: $40 at Adidas

Adidas by Pharrell Williams Hu Hiking Packable Windbreaker Jacket

"I have a lot of love for this windbreaker. For one, it's WARM. Two, it looks awesome. Three, Pharrell is amazing. It's pretty fitted, so I often wear it with these light grey Reebok sweatpants that are kind of loose on me from the leg area, but still skinny on the bottom. There's a lot of colors on the windbreaker, so I usually wear it with grey, black, or white pieces. There's a large kangaroo pouch that—surprise!—also reverses and turns the whole thing into a fanny pack. Seriously, there is a strap and everything. I took this windbreaker with me to Governors Ball this year. My belongings survived a huge rainstorm, specifically because of this essential piece. So. Much. Love."

BUY: Sold out, but $268 on eBay

Scunci Thick Hair Black Elastics

"I'm passionate about this product! My hair is on the thinner side of what I would call the 'thick hair spectrum.' Because of that fact, for a while, I didn't realize I would fare a tad better if I shopped for thick hair. However, I bought these and finally stopped stretching out the smaller hair-ties I was using throughout my previous years. During the workweek, I usually wear my hair in a tight, high ponytail. One hair tie lasts me so long, there's basically no reason for it to stretch out and break except for the length of time it's been in everyday use. I had no idea hair ties could last so long. I've only bought two packs of these hair ties in over a year. Vital!"

BUY: $9 for 48 at Amazon

Champion Women's Fleece Hoodie

"I love to be warm and I love to be alone. For some reason, this fleece-lined logo hoodie hits my introvert's sweet spot. The cowl-neck makes it so that the hood feels spacious. At this point, it's like a security blanket that, luckily, I can take out of the house. I wear it with these light pink Champion sweatpants I have. I feel delightfully boyish when I wear this hoodie."

BUY: $42 at Champion

UGG Neumel II Water Resistant Chukka Boot

"I love these boots. They're extremely warm and they look great on my small feet! My favorite pants to pair them with are some faded black BDG mid-waist jeans. I bought the kids' size 6 because that's cheaper than an adult woman's size 8. Spoiler alert: They are the exact same shoe. The boots are not great to wear when it's icy or snowy out because they're slippery and water leaks in. I've had them for some years, so I'm unsure as to whether UGG has fixed this issue. Because of this, I usually pull them out of my closet on a day where it's cold but the ground is dry and the sun is out. They can be difficult to wear indoors if you're prone to sweating. With these boots on, I feel warm enough indoors to take any sweaters or cardigans off."

BUY: $110 at Nordstrom

H&M Sheer Longsleeve Tee

"The exact shirt I own is a dark emerald shade. This shirt is great for days where it's too hot for a sweater but I still feel like I need to hide in my clothing (I can be fairly timid some days). H&M's basic items are something I swear by when I'm on a budget. They often last me years without wearing or stretching out much. I sometimes wear this shirt with a navy blue crop hoodie because I like the way the layers look. I love it because it's long and feels like a dress, except I can wear sweats with it or tuck it into some denim! I wear a size small because mine is a men's shirt and, thus, extremely baggy."

BUY: $13 at H&M

Follow Saraí at @priiincesa7.

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