The Fashion Designer Who Digs All-Black Everything

Tiffany Vega is an independent fashion designer from Los Angeles who describes her look as "a blend of high street with a hint of LA casual." She's into streetwear, hip hop, sneakers, and art, and when she's not wearing her own designs, you can find her in time-tested classics like old-school Nikes and Levi's jeans. "My shopping philosophy is to stick to pieces that I love and will wear in the long run," she says. Here's what she's wearing right now.

Nike Cortez in Black

"I love these sneakers because they're such a classic shoe. They're easy to pair with anything, and you can wear 'em anywhere. I almost always wear black, so this shoe completes the all-black aesthetic. I especially love wearing them with a fitted black dress, a cropped bomber jacket, and some silver accessories."

BUY: $70 at Footlocker

Levi’s Wedgie Fit Women’s Jeans "These jeans are the perfect fit! They hit me at all the right places. The length also works even though I'm not that tall (5’1). I love anything distressed, which feels perfect for LA weather. I usually wear mine with a casual t-shirt or a crop top and sneakers. They're definitely a go-to when I’m running errands or just need to grab an outfit in a rush."

BUY: $69 at Levi's

Fenty Gloss Bomb

"Does this even need an explanation? This has easily become my beauty staple, and I never leave the house without it. It’s moisturizing and doesn’t eventually dry out your lips as other glosses do. Also, it’s from Rihanna’s makeup brand, which should already push you to purchase it."

BUY: $18 at Sephora

Sterling Silver Hoops "If there is anything that I always wear, it’s my earrings. I have been loving silver jewelry, and these tiny silver hoops have been a staple in my outfits. I never take them off because they look nice, pair well with my outfits, and suit my style. I also love how they look minimalistic and hug my ears. Measure your ear lobes to get the perfect size for your piercings."

BUY: $15+ at Etsy

Misfit Command Hybrid Smartwatch "I never thought that I needed a hybrid smartwatch until this purchase. I've used smartwatches before, but I love how this one doesn't have a screen. It looks like any other watch, but it still has features of a smartwatch. It pairs well with anything I wear, and what’s even cooler is that it is swimproof up to 50 meters. I don’t think I’ll actually wear it swimming, but at least I know that I can!"

BUY: $150 at Misfit

Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate Covered Powerberries

"This is the only snack that I will actively go out of my way to purchase. It’s extremely addicting but inexpensive. So this is something you can definitely stock up on. Anything from Trader Joe’s is good, but this is almost always on my grocery list."

BUY: $10 on Amazon (and much cheaper IRL at Trader Joe's)

Follow Tiffany at @tiffanysvision.

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