The Cali Girl Who Basically Lives in Her Davie Bowie Band Tee

Alette, 18, says "it's actually super difficult for me to pinpoint what my personal style is exactly, because it’s always in flux and because I love to incorporate tons of different trends and aesthetics into my own style." So the Emerson freshman turned to those closest to her for a read on her look. "If you ask my friends and family, they’ll say (and I quote) that my style is 'street chic meets modern Cali girl,' or 'casual + trendy; graphic tees, skirts, boots.'" That translates to Doc Marten platforms, plenty of chunky hoops, and one very beloved David Bowie concert tee. Here's what else she's obsessed with right now...

Modern Love David Bowie Men's Tee

"I kid you not, I’ve worn this shirt at least once a week every single week since I purchased it from a sick vintagey shop in Santa Barbara. I am obsessed with it!!! The Japanese lettering is a mega-unique detail, and the overall graphic is super funky. Since it’s technically a men’s shirt, it’s pretty oversized—which I LOVE—because I often like to tie my shirts into a lil knot at the front or tuck them in. This shirt could be worn with anything and everything because of its fairly neutral color scheme, and it could probably be styled in a billion and one ways. I genuinely think this shirt might be my favorite item in my entire wardrobe."

BUY: $50 at Midnight Rider

FYI: "Make sure to wash it really well before wearing! I learned the hard way that the grey dye can transfer onto the skin."

Tessa Chunky Tube Hoop Earring Set

"Everyone loves a good hoop! To me, these hoops are reminiscent of two fantastic jewelry brands that I’ve been following forever: @lili_claspe and @luvaj. For those of us who might not have $50 bucks to spend on some mini hoops, these are perfect. Not only are there three sizes in the set, but they come in silver and gold, too. I love these earrings because they’re not too heavy, and they add a subtly chic vibe to any outfit."

BUY: $20 at Urban Outfitters

Dr. Martens Jadon Platform 8-Eye Boots

"Yes, I’m sure you’ve seen these boots everywhere. But for GOOD REASON! Although they’re awful to break in, these boots are by far my most worn footwear—I wear them almost every day. I love the Jadon design because they have a ~2 inch platform, as well as zippers so that you don’t have to lace/unlace every time you put them on. Once broken in, they are literally THE MOST comfortable shoe I have ever worn. Not to mention, they look great with almost anything. Want to add a touch of grunge to an otherwise girly look? Wear the Docs. Do your blazer and dangly earrings feel too formal? Throw on the Docs. Wanna be Kim Possible for Halloween (like me)? Wear the Docs!!!! God, I love these boots."

BUY: $180 at Dr Martens

Natasha Denona Mini Blush and Glow Duo

"I used to have awful acne in high school so I packed as much pale makeup onto my face as possible in attempts to hide the redness. Blush was OUT of the question for me. Now, I don’t know what I’d do without it. I love dusting this Natasha Denona shade all over my cheekbones and the bridge of my nose for that adorable, sun-kissed vibe. The pink is the most gorgeous color, and it’s pigmented without being too ridiculous. The highlight is beautiful as well, because it gives the perfect amount of subtle glow. I typically purchase the mini version, and it lasts me quite a while! This is definitely an everyday staple in my beauty routine."

BUY: $19 at Sephora

Rebecca Minkoff Convertible Mini Backpack

"I am a sucker for a gorgeous bag, but I always return to this one: my tried and true mini backpack. There are so many things I love about it. First of all, the hardware is beautiful—it’s shiny without looking too blingy, and you can hook it any way you’d like. I usually hook mine at the top, because it’s much more difficult for someone to get into it that way and I also just think it looks super badass. One of the best things about this bag, in my opinion, is that you can fit SO MUCH stuff into it. It’s a mini backpack, so it’s the perfect manageable size that I like a bag to be, but its size is definitely deceiving. I can fit a book, my wallet, sunglasses, phone, lipglosses, tampons, keys, and a bunch of other random stuff into this bag if I utilize all the little pockets. It’s a big purchase, but so worth it. It’s endured three years of wear and tear since I got it, and it has yet to let me down!"

BUY: $195 at Rebecca Minkoff

Diesel Printed iPhone Case

"I love changing my phone case every once in a while, and I’m pretty much obsessed with this one. Diesel's one of my fave brands, because their edgy-chic pieces match my style pretty well, I think. This case is unique but it's simple enough that it doesn’t clash with my outfits or other accessories, which is something I really love. It’s got this really sick reflective, mirror-esque detail (super cool if you need to make sure your lipstick isn’t smudged!). The case is also extremely sturdy. I drop my phone wayyy too much, but it’s not cracked thanks to this. Despite its protectiveness, the case is sleek—not bulky like some others that I’ve seen. Overall, it’s freakin’ awesome and my phone will definitely be living in it for awhile."

BUY: $40 at Diesel

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