A Definitive List of the Backpacks We Can't Stop Carrying

@jillyisyoung flanked by many worthy backpacks.

Burton Outing Backpack, $35

“The Burton Outing my current (and maybe favorite ever?) backpack/bookbag/everything bag. I am very much a backpack-not-shoulderbag person, as I get shoulder pain and bike everywhere, and this bag is the perfect combination of cute and functional. It has a laptop sleeve, it holds a lot, and there’s plenty of vertical space to fit a sweater or lunch bag or stack of secret government documents above your books and other supplies. It’s also great for traveling and camping— super durable and spacious. Plus there are two water bottle side holders, so there won’t be any accidental laptop-drowning happening in this bag.” ⁠— Jill, 21

Tokidoki Backpack, $96

“My fave backpack is any big one from Tokidoki that can fit all of my notebooks and laptop. I used to wear these in middle school, but last year, I decided to match with my 7-year-old cousin and brought it back. Donutella and Stellina never looked so good.” ⁠— Chloe, 20

Fjällräven Foldsack, $110

“I love the quality of Fjällräven backpacks. I had a Kånken for the longest time in high school because they’re durable, waterproof, and a great fit for all of my school stuff. However, with the popularization of Kånken bags, I opted against it in college because I didn't want to mistakenly take someone else's bag. I got this foldsack for my birthday and we have been inseparable since! It is a good size, fits all of my school books, a laptop, some snacks, and even an extra sweater for cold lecture halls. It’s waterproof, making it perfect for roaming around rainy Amsterdam. It’s also a great companion airport traveling and on day trips around Europe!” ⁠— Wen, 20

Kipling Seoul Go Small, $94

“I probably have at least 8 backpacks, ranging from the hiking backpack I use to hold an impossible amount of school stuff to my petite fashion backpacks that I’ll always reach for over a purse. The Patagonia 28L Refugio is my holy grail school bag but it’s unfortunately been revamped in the past few years. I’m sure the new edition works just as amazingly and probably has the same durability to handle four years of textbooks and travel, but I haven’t tried it. I’ve also been super super into the Kipling Seoul Go Small backpack in Very Berry! I got it secondhand for Christmas but it’s worn really well and garners enough compliments that buying a full-price version has become more than a little tempting.” ⁠— Maisie, 18

Adidas Santiago Backpack, $35

“Mine’s Burgundy, which appears to be sold out, but I’m now in my second year of using this backpack, it hasn’t really worn out at all. It's perfect for carrying all of my school materials because it has the ideal amount of compartments to store things. I love the style of the backpack and it strangely makes me feel studious and scholarly.” ⁠— Patsy, 15

High Sierra Mini Loop Backpack, $24

“Hot Topic actually makes really sturdy bookbags with cute designs based on all of your pop culture faves. I used mine for two years, but when it started to fall apart, I switched to a High Sierra backpack. It has sooo much space, a billion pockets, a clip to attach my lunchbox to, and it's water-resistant, which is great.” ⁠— Athena, 21

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