The Atlanta Babe with an A+ Lazy Hair Day Antidote

Athena Moore is a senior majoring in marketing, though if her social media presence is any indication, she's already a marketing pro. She's lowkey made a name for herself as a beauty expert (proof here), but her taste in clothes is just as colorful. "When I shop, I try to find unique pieces to add in with my basics and I feel like if I end up wearing the same thing as someone else, that just means we both have great taste," she says. That basically means we all have her explicit permission to copy her faves. Check 'em out below.

Levi's 721 High Rise Jeans

"I love these jeans because they last for-freaking-ever!!! They have a lot of stretch to them and since they're high rise, I don't have to worry about my stomach or back showing if I'm bending over or whatever.  Plus they make my ass look super fab! They're $60, but considering I only have to buy a new pair every couple of years and I wear them CONSTANTLY, it's totally worth the price."

BUY: $60 at Levi's

Aerie Play High Waisted Leggings

"It's really hard to find good plus sized leggings that are flattering and comfy and don't squeeze your stomach too hard. These leggings do all that and more! They come in a lot of cute designs *and* they have pockets! These did shrink a little after the initial wear, but not enough to make them stop fitting."

BUY: $45 at Aerie

Forever 21 Twisted Headwrap

"I literally hate doing my hair every day. I am a hat/scrunchie/headband kinda girl because I am LAZY. So these headbands are very functional for me. They're cloth so they don't squeeze my head or give me a headache. They come in soooo many cute prints and fabrics and they're only $5!!!"

BUY: $5 at Forever 21

Kate Spade Grand Street Hayden Crossbody Bag

"This is easily the classiest, most beautiful purse I own. I own it in a blush pink, and it's perfect for day and night. It has a decent amount of space and it's probably my most prized possession, just because I don't usually pay this much for things. I think it's been discontinued, but you can still find it on Amazon, Poshmark, etc."

BUY: $139 at Amazon

Marc Jacob's Daisy Perfume

"This is definitely my signature scent! It makes me feel like I own the world but also like a dainty flower. I now own two travel sizes plus a full size, so I'll be wearing this for the foreseeable future."

BUY: $104 at Ulta

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