The Art History Student Who Runs on Haribo Gummies and Casio Watches

Sarah Isenberg's a California girl who has an appropriately sunny style. She doesn't shy away from rainbow brights or eye-popping accessories (proof: her signature Susan Alexandra watermelon purse), nor is she above making a big statement. "I love putting together monochrome outfits and dressing incredibly on theme to the events and places I go," she says.

And while she has some key splurges, she's mindful of not overspending when it comes to personal style. "I try to shop as sustainably as possible, but that can sometimes get hard on a student budget so I mostly shop at vintage and thrift stores," she says. "I wait for sales to come around from some of my favorite brands like Reformation and Lisa Says Gah so that I can afford pricier pieces, or if there’s something really special I’ve had my eye on for a while, I’ll save up money for it." Here's what she's spending on recently.

Susan Alexandra Watermelon Bag

"This was one of those things I had been wanting and saving for for a while before I buckled down and bought it at an online sample sale last fall. I freaking L O V E this bag. It is so adorable, and it looks small but actually fits all my essentials (phone, keys, wallet, chapstick, reusable shopping bag). I seriously get compliments on this every time I wear it. One time I even DMed Susan Alexandra telling her that and she called the bag my wing woman which it totally is!"

BUY: $280 at Susan Alexander

Maison Louis Marie Parfum No.4

"This is probably the best perfume I have ever smelled. I’m obsessed with it. The scent is woodsy and sophisticated. It's fancy at an affordable cost, under $60. I got this perfume in December, and even with wearing it every single day I haven’t even used half the bottle, so it lasts forever!"

BUY: $57 at Maison Louis Marie

Baggu Fanny Pack

"When I’m not using my Susan Alexandra bag, I’m using this bag. It's my everyday bag. My running errands bag. My phone-keys-wallet (though it can fit much more than that) and done bag. You can wear this one so many ways: cross body, on your waist, on your shoulder. It looks chic and simple without being too mom-at-a-waterpark."

BUY: $48 at Baggu

Haribo Miami Pik Fizz

"This is a weird one, I know, but in my heart I truly and deeply believe that these are the superior sour candies. I discovered them last spring in Paris, and then found them again at the 1€ store in the Italian town I was studying in. I seriously brought home ten packs with me in my suitcase when I left! These candies give you the tutti frutti rainbow flavor in a way where you can taste each individual flavor, and the sour sugar is just sour enough to be tasty, but not too sour that it cuts your tongue. THEE superior sour candy."

BUY: $10 on Amazon

Gold Casio Watch

"I've worn this watch every day for almost four years. We have been through everything together: hikes, showers, swimming pools, and aside from a little wear and tear, she is still in perfect condition. I seriously never take this watch off; we have become one. It’s cute, functional, and stops me from checking my phone so much!" 

BUY: $25 at Amazon

Follow Sarah at @happy_tunes.

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