The Fashion Intern Who Mixes YSL Splurges with Zara Finds

Emma Childs is technically still a senior in college, but this "aspiring creative director and photographer" already has a pretty impressive career underway. She's the founder of an art and fashion magazine called Childs Play *and* she's a fashion intern at Bustle. And though she's obviously into clothes, Emma's all about secondhand. "I love vintage so if I’m not thrifting in person, I’m scrolling through Depop and hunting for new finds." Ahead, some of her most recent discoveries.

Batiste Dry Shampoo

"This product changed my life. I used to wash my hair every day but still found that it would get greasy. Then I discovered this dry shampoo. Now I can easily revitalize unwashed hair. It saves me so much time in the morning and adds lots of volume, which I love."

BUY: $16 at Ulta

Susan Alexander Grape Slushie Earrings

"These are my go-to earrings for when I need fun pick-me-up. The beaded grapes add such a cute twist to any outfit I wear and I love the weight of them on my ears. I usually wear them with outfits that are a little more basic so my earrings can add some extra fun. Delicious!"

BUY: $95 at Susan Alexander

Zara Silk Headband 

"I am really excited about the latest trend of headbands because it’s the perfect solution for when I wake up with Day Three hair and have no idea what to do with it. This headband feels so comfortable on my head and I love the silky material. Zara is a great spot to hit when looking for the latest trends because they are always stocked with the cutest and latest pieces."

BUY: $13 at Zara

YSL Cat Eye Sunglasses

"I could never afford YSL sunglasses on my own but luckily enough for me, I was gifted these by my boss. These sunnies are such a great pop of color and add the perfect amount of edge to any fit. I love to match my accessories together so lately I’ve been wearing these with red dangly earrings or my red beaded purse."

BUY: $350 at Shopbop

Reformation Claudia High Relaxed Jeans

"These jeans fit me like a glove. Not only do they feel good on my skin, but they also make my butt look amazing (I’m very excited about this so I had to tell you). I love Reformation and its sustainable business plan so it feels great to support such a fabulous company. My favorite thing about this pair of jeans is that I can wear it with anything: with a casual tee or even a fancier blouse. The options are endless!"

BUY: $98 at Reformation

Follow Emma at @emmachilds4.

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