What is this all about?

The tl;dr: We're sharing real product recommendations from real girls. Not influencers who are paid to promote products that secretly suck, but actual people authentically recommending the stuff that's worth spending your money on. Especially when you don't have a ton of it.


So it's just for girls? Isn't that a little...exclusive?

This is for girls, female-identifying people, and anyone who cares about the ideal sneaker to wear with a slip dress and the perfect not-vintage-but-could-pass-for-it jeans. 


isn't consumerism bad tho?

This isn't about shopping more. It's about shopping smarter. The world is on fire and there are one million more important things than fashion. But what we wear = how confident we are, and that has a direct impact on our impact. We believe in ethical consumption.


How Can I get involved?

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who is "us"?

I'm Casey Lewis. That "us" is actually just a "me," but doesn’t "us" sound like a very serious and extremely professional team is behind this instead of just one single person, sitting at her kitchen table, surrounded by lip gloss-stained coffee mugs, probably not even wearing real pants, at her considerably tiny apartment in Brooklyn? Exactly!

So, why am I doing this?
When I was in junior high and high school, fashion played a pivotal role in finding myself. I even had a blog, started back in 2003 when I was, like 13, about teen fashion. It no longer exists, and I’m no longer a teen, but I still believe clothes are not only a very real way to figure out who you are and to try on different identities, but they're also a surefire way to connect with others. We all have to get dressed in the morning (unless you work from home) (and wear pajamas all day) (which, well, still counts!).

Before this, I was co-founder of Clover Letter, a badass email newsletter and online community for teen girls. I started with one of my best friends, a former editor of Nylon. Before Clover, I worked at Teen Vogue and MTV. Oh, and I also document my ongoing obsession with teen magazines (RIP!) at @thankyouatoosa. Email me—with words of encouragement, high-waisted jean recommendations, website typos...ehh maybe not that, but truly anything else!—at c@copycatted.com.

A special thank you to homepage model (and Stanford student!) Autumn Greco.

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